Workshop Tailored to Ukrainian Community | In Response To An Instinct, A Continuance

10th and 11th of August 2023
A two day art-making workshop tailored towards the Ukrainian community, with all communities welcome to join in.


Майстер-клас з мистецтва, присвячений поточній виставці Сандри Джонстон у GOMA Waterford.

10 та 12 серпня
Час: з 11:00 до 16:00
Вік: 16+
Попередній досвід не потрібен.

Майстер-класи будуть перекладатися у день проведення.

Бронювання за номером 0871961923 або за допомогою посилання нижче

Two day workshop tailored to the Ukrainian Community
Date: 10th and 11th of August
Time: 11­–4pm.
Age: 16+ years
No experience required.

The workshops will be translated on the day.

A collaborative project between Ukrainian Community and artist Ben Hennessy on Sandra Johnston’s current exhibition at GOMA. The project will take place the 10th and 11th of August 2023 and accumulate with an event on Saturday the 12th of August at 4pm.

The two day performance workshop will be created in collaboration with Ben Hennessy on Sandra Johnston’s work. Participants will be given access to the Sandra’s exhibition throughout the workshop and asked to create their own response to the work with the assistance of the facilitators.

The resulting work in progress will include and explore the expanded field of drawing practice in its broadest terms – perhaps such as performance, painting, site specific responses, photo etchings, mark making, different methods of capturing and exploring the diverse exhibition.

A special thanks to Waterford Area Partnership CLG, Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme and the Ukrainian Health & Wellbeing Fund for sponsoring this programme.