PLAY: Little Red Kettle present 'HOME' at GOMA

21 February - 20 March 2020
Join Little Red Kettle in the first public sharing of their newly commissioned play, HOME, as part of the Imagine Arts Festival 2023 on Sunday October 29th at 3pm in GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford.  A rehearsed reading of Home by Deirdre Dwyer
Home is a play for children, aged 8 and up, and adults, performed by both adult and child performers. 
Sophie and her family are out on their ear. Olive’s Mam has gone into hospital again. Mary’s peaceful existence is about to be disrupted by an infestation of grandchildren. They all need a place to feel at Home.
Little Red Kettle is proud to present Home, a rehearsed reading of an intergenerational theatre piece exploring the idea of Home, exploring what this topic means to the engaged group of young people. Supported by the Arts Council Awarded commission, Waterford theatre maker Deirdre Dwyer, has engaged in a devising process with four experienced adult actors and a combined group of 20 young people (aged 7 – 15) and has subsequently written Home. The award has also included work with mentor Veronica Coburn.
The performance of this Little Red Kettle project will take place at GOMA Waterford as part of Imagine Arts Festival 2023.