Movement Painting Performance | Caroline Bowles and Haru

Saturday 17th February 2024
Movement painter Caroline Bowles will be joined by dynamic Japanese Butoh dancer Haru to offer a sharing of their collaborative practice to the public on Saturday 17th February 2024 at 1pm at GOMA Waterford. Caroline will speak about her artistic practice, with space for questions and answers afterwards.

“As a painter, I create spaces for the figure to emerge out of the white canvas in a free flowing, unimpeded stream. This series of paintings speaks about the beauty and fragility of the human frame which arise like mountain and valley scapes, rhythmic, fragile and at times, humorous.”        – Caroline Bowles

“The embodied act of painting, touching in just enough to capture the figure in movement, allowing them to emerge on the canvas until they are barely visible, keeps these images gestural, active and authentic. Through painting and drawing I explore visual expressions of the beauty of enacted truth in gesture, movement and temporality.

Painting and drawing is an embodied practice for me and is informed by over twenty years of meditation and reflection in the Vietnamese Zen Tradition.”

Caroline Bowles has a B.A. (Honors) in Fine Art from The Crawford College of Art and Design, a Licentiate in Chinese medicine from Nanjing University, China and is a trained musician. She has received purchase awards from PMI, MTU, Sample Studios Graduate Associate Member Award 2023, Backwater Artists Network Award 2023 and Waterford City and County Council Bursary in 2023. She is also a member of Visual Artists Ireland and the Mór Artists Collective.

Haru (whose name means ‘playful)’ is trained in Butoh contemporary dance, a form of organic improvised movement. She has performed and studied contemporary dance under Naoko Ito in Tokyo and has trained in improvisation under Adam Benjamin. She is a member of Duex Shrine, a Japanese Butoh group. 

“My mentor often gives me advice like this when I dance Butoh: ‘Always to be avant-garde and always dance with an attitude of questioning common sense”’, I continue to search for my Butoh while trying to dance with this kind of awareness.” – Haru