Luna 03 Muscic Event

31/08/19 - No longer available
Luna 03 are a Waterford-based band whose style of music has been described as minimalist, ambient, experimental, which at times ascends into sustained drones. They will be playing live in GOMA Gallery of Modern Art on Saturday 31st August .

Their debut single ‘Fade’ was featured on Nialler9’s ‘10 new Irish songs you should hear this week’

A review of their debut single ‘Fade’ was also featured on

Luna03 are a Waterford-based outfit, comprised of P. Lucey, D. Falconer and T. Carey, they craft washed-out, hazy and melodic indie jams.
Utilising guitars/effects and enhanced by electronic beats, loops and sequencing software, Luna03 create a minimalist, ambient and experimental wash of sound. The trio’s new single ‘Fade’ takes us on a melodic waltz through a wonderland where dreamy melodies combine with subtle synth, cosmic squiggles and frazzled electronics combine to convey a deep intimate and wistful air. Reverb-laced vocals, melting guitar, smooth bass-line and rising, sparse percussion combine to complete the drifting, floating atmospheric cocktail of washed-out sound. This is an utterly gorgeous, hazy tune and one that washes over you with a great ease, it will leave you all the better for the experience.