26th August 2023 | 11.30am – 2.45pm
Learn traditional dyeing skills, tap into indigenous Irish culture, and create your own natural botanical art print on paper using leaves and flowers foraged from the local trees and plants in this eco-print workshop with artist Angelina Foster.

The workshop falls between the Festival of Lughnasa and the Autumn Equinox, a time to contemplate gratitude. Lughnasa is the Harvest Festival, named after the warrior god Lugh. Lughnasa and Autumn Equinox are associated with gatherings to give thanks to the Earth for our harvest, our food, our families and life.

Explore the beauty of all plants and soak in the magnificent energy of the trees as we forage materials. We will discuss sustainable foraging and the cycle of reciprocity within nature and sustainable art-making.

Then, learn traditional dyeing skills and experiment with different natural dyes and layouts on handmade papers, capturing the spirit of the lush landscape by gently rolling your designs into bundles. Whilst natural dyes and ink-making are part of our indigenous culture, our eco-printing workshop is a variation of the process developed by Australian artist, India Flint, about 20 years ago.

As we wait in anticipation for the dye to fix, we discuss the dyeing process and the bright colours associated with our ancestors before revealing your design which can be used as a wall print, card design or book cover.

Kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Waterford City and County Council.

Images provided by the artist.