Bronze Casting Workshop with Helle Helsner

A two day workshop 26th -27th August 2021 - No longer available
This two-day bronze casting workshop is meant as an introduction to working in metal through the process of casting. Using a combination of ancient and contemporary methods artist and bronze caster Helle Helsner invites you to explore the magical world of molten metal.

Through the course various mould making methods and materials will also be explored enabling the participant to investigate 3d work in different manners

Day one
-introduction to casting in general
-wax work
-openside moulds
-rubber moulds
-clay moulds

Day two
-burn out kiln
-bronze casting
-tin and aluminium casting
-fettling (finishing pieces)

All the work will be on a small scale as the keywords to this workshop is

Cost €150, light lunch provided on the day.
Booking essential as limited places available.
please contact GOMA to secure a place.
tel: 0871961923