Artist Talk | Manal Mahamid

Saturday 16th December 2023
Artist Talk: Art Practice Under a Colonial Regime

In this talk, multidisciplinary Palestinian artist Manal Mahamid will delve into the theme of “Art Practice Under a Colonial Regime”, closely examining how the landscape is intertwined with the colonial project, and taking a careful look at its various influences on Palestinian culture, experience, and geography. Using her wide range of artistic work and different forms of expression, Mahamid aims to shed light on the complex relationship between art and colonialism. Through this exploration, she hopes to spark thoughtful conversations and explore the important role artists play in understanding and questioning the intricate socio-political challenges found in such complex environments.

This Artist Talk will be part of a day of events taking place at GOMA Waterford aimed at raising awareness and funding to aid for civilians in Gaza. All proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).