Park Road Studios

This new addition to GOMA Gallery which launched on 1st of May 2019 houses an additional 7 large ground-floor studio bays for seven professional artists with one residency studio opportunity.

This new space is kindly subsidised. It has an open-plan communal working area and an outdoor sculpture area. 

Located at Park Road the industrial complex comprises of studio bays for individual artists, each artist bay is 14ft x 14ft with a communal kitchen area, a bathroom a roller shutter door a yard area and a communal workspace area with access to tools. The open plan communal workspace area is 28ft x 19ft over looking the river. 

This space can also accommodate those with wheelchair needs. This new space supporting additional artists is an extra facility for those artists who previously resided at GOMA and artists in the new space have access and keys to use the facilities at GOMA’s main gallery and studios. Going forward the space has provided expansion to our residency programmes needs in order to meet the development stages of our strategic plans.