GOMA Gallery Studios



  • Entrance hall
  • Reception area
  • Gallery space one
  • Gallery space two
  • Gallery space three ( print room)
  • Storage area
  • Photography/darkroom
  • Video editing suite
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Garden/outdoor performance area (events/workshops/community)


  • Studio 01 4377 × 4460 (subdivided into three)
  • Studio 02 6352 × 4460 (subdivided into three)
  • Studio 03 3703 × 3589 (houses three)
  • Studio 04 6496 × 5056 (subdivided into three)
  • Workshop/rehearsal space 3795 × 8116
  • Administration office 2870 × 1795
  • Fully furnished studio spaces
  • Flexi space-Workshop/ Rehearsal space – 3795 x 8116
  • Admin Office supporting artists – 2870 x 1795.

GOMA’s Park Road sculpture Studios

This new addition to GOMA Gallery which launched in May 2019 houses 7 large ground-floor studio bays for six professional artists with one residency studio. It has a large open-plan communal working area with a shutter door and an outdoor sculpture area. Sculptural studios with front and rear door, a roller shutter door, three windows, a kitchenette, bathroom and outdoor working space. Use of chopsaw, angle grinder, arc welder,  jigsaw, saw, hammer and other  tools for wood and metal. Access to van, technician and administration and networking supports.  


  • Kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Bin collection
  • Free Tea, Coffee and buiscuts and cleaning.

Print Room

Dedicated print room, safe etching, drying rack, printing press, screen suction holder, counter space, table with glass top, rollers, etchers, hot plate, trays, news print, palette knives, wash area, kitchen facilities. Fold out tables and chairs that can flow into other communal room for workshops. The aim is to seek more funding add to development of a screen print.


Photography Dark room

Dark room booking, two enlargers, one colour and one black and white, trays, loading film, paper, film camera loan, chemicals and sink.


Edit Suite

Edit Suite with adobe products and high powered pc. VA room , desk space, 3 x projectors two are 4k ready, 3 x 65inch monitors that support 4k, 2 x projector ceiling brackets, 2 x 32 inch monitors, 1 x tablet, red head lighting, Cannon camera, hard drives, go-pro, zoom audio recorders, mics, cables etc. New equipment recently secured from Stream D of the Cultural Capital Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.


Communal workshop

Communal workshop and facilitation space, artists facilitate their own workshops in this space and receive the pay. Room is provided with a projector, drawing board, foldable tables, chairs, pencils, paper, pens and some other workshop tools that are communal usage and supplied. Teas, coffee etc .are also provided by GOMA for workshops.


Outdoor communal Space

Outdoor communal space, caters for outdoor workshops such as Bronze Casting, stone carving, performance rehersals, plays, networking events and sculptural or materials that need to be used outdoors with ventilation. Outdoor shelter construction, taps and rubber mats for absortion. 2nd New Build recently funded by Stream D of the Cultural Capital Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.


Residency project studio

Residency project studio. Artsists receive a six month or a twelve month residency. Residency supports are rent free, networking supports, an exhibition, mentoring with an allocated professional in a relevant field, artists fees. Assistance with preparing for exhibition, install, technician, transport of work and kept up to date with opportunities.


Administration Facilities

Administration provide a vast range of assistance to our studio artists ranging from printing facilities, organizing crits and networking, assisting with statements and applications, keeping our artists up to date with events and opportunities on our notice boards and through email. Networking with other organisations, community groups artists and galleries to seek opportunities for our artists through, workshops, residencies, exhibitions or facilitation. Other facilities include a use of a van, a technician and training.


Shared Resources and Development Services

Resident artists have opportunities to exhibit annually with us and through exchanges with partners such as with Theatre Royal Waterford, Sample Studios Cork, Engage Art Studios Galway, Wickham Street Studios Limerick, BKB Studios Dublin and The Backwater Artists Group Cork. Artists have opportunities to facilitate workshops and engage with our socially engaged art programme and are encouraged to facilitate these with building inclusion in the arts in mind. Artists have reduced rates for professional development workshops that we host such as stone carving or in kind grant writing mentors for groups. Facilities such as the edit suite, dark room facilities the workshop room, sculpture studios and the print room are available for usage at no extra cost to resident artists. Training is also provided to artists who may need assistance in upskilling.

If an artist is in need of specific mentor we assist in sourcing this facility and paying a fee to the mentor to visit the gallery. We encourage skill share amongst studio artists throughout disciplines and community engagement and collaboration. If an artist is working on a project that requires extra space for a duration we try accommodate at no extra rate. We also provide a lecture series and networking once a month inviting guests and hosting public talks. We assist with ensuring our artists have vetting, child protection and first aid.