Breaking Borders | Valeria Ceregini

Breaking Borders aims to explore the intersection of multiple narratives and discourses in the arts engaging a mix of conversations with the exhibiting artists accompanied by musical and performance art contributions.

The group exhibition intends to be an organic project to mix and match artists from all disciplines to contribute to the development of the arts in Ireland and artists’ practice across any discipline. This exhibition project offers a creative and digital approach to the arts to expand the physical exhibition space as a response to these current times where we witnessed an increasing use of technology to implement our reality.

Breaking Borders has the ambition to become a global and inclusive virtual space with no physical barriers with a proactive approach to delivering new forms of cultural experiences and tackling the challenges facing the changing landscape of the arts as a result of social pressures.

This future-facing project will make up of two interactive exhibition projects and a series of online and offline events, and workshops focused on the perception of a globalised and dislocated life.


Valeria Ceregini’s curatorial practice is focused on the intersection of art, curatorial practice, activism and politics such as themes concerning social engagements (i.e. the current social and political changes, new gender identities, and life in times of ecological crisis).

She is interested in exploring the social vision and perception of our cultures and place in the world, as the consequence of an anthropocentric vision of the world and the increasing use of technologies in human interactions. In particular, she is delving into the idea of a progressive humanisation of Nature that is gradually losing its bio and geodiversity becoming progressively a cultural product of the Capitalocene era.


Valeria Ceregini is an Italian art historian and curator based in Dublin and Turin working with international artists across all disciplines. She focuses on facilitating and supporting artists at any stage of their career in commissioning and delivering projects.

She studied Semiotics at the University of Turin and Contemporary Art at the University of Genoa, Italy. Also, she attended the Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies.