Edit Suite

Edit Suite with adobe products and high powered pc. VA room , desk space, 3 x projectors two are 4k ready, 3 x 65inch monitors that support 4k, 2 x projector ceiling brackets, 2 x 32 inch monitors, 1 x tablet, red head lighting, Cannon camera, hard drives, go-pro, zoom audio recorders, mics, cables etc. New equipment recently secured from Stream D of the Cultural Capital Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media


Outdoor communal Space

Outdoor communal space, caters for outdoor workshops such as Bronze Casting, stone carving, performance rehersals, plays, networking events and sculptural or materials that need to be used outdoors with ventilation. Outdoor shelter construction, taps and rubber mats for absortion. 2nd New Build recently funded by Stream D of the Cultural Capital Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.


Dark room booking, two enlargers, one colour and one black and white, trays, loading film, paper, film camera loan, chemicals and sink. Access to this facility is for members or associate members. Please contact the team for assistance.


Dedicated print room, safe etching, drying rack, printing press, screen suction holder, counter space, table with glass top, rollers, etchers, hot plate, trays, news print, palette knives, wash area, kitchen facilities. Fold out tables and chairs that can flow into other communal room for workshops. This facility is for etching and dry point. To avail of this facility you must be a member or a sociate member. Please contact the team and they will be happy to help.


Communal workshop and facilitation space, artists facilitate their own workshops in this space and receive the pay. Room is provided with a projector, drawing board, foldable tables, chairs, pencils, paper, pens and some other workshop tools that are communal usage and supplied. Teas, coffee etc .are also provided by GOMA for workshops.