Transending Innahilation

An exhibition by a selection of graduates of the W.I.T. 2020 graduating class

  1. Lisa Comerford
  2. Susie Kelly
  3. Karra Peters
  4. Roberta Sarni
  5. Milana Ziedelyte
  6. Marika Manning

Thursday the 10th December – 16th January

GOMA is delighted to invite you to our upcoming exhibition title Transcending Annihilation featuring six very talented artists showcasing an array of creativity and ingenuity across multiple artistic disciplines. Artists exhibiting are Lisa Comerford, Susie Kelly, Karra Peters, Roberta Sarni, Milana Ziedelyte and Marika Manning.

Each year GOMA works with colleges throughout Ireland to offer recent graduate supports. This year, due to covid-19, graduates of Waterford Institute of Technology 2020 class lost an opportunity to physically exhibit their work in what would be their final year degree show. This exhibition was curated with the approach to combat that loss. The exhibition titled Transcending Annihilation showcases the work of six emerging artists from across a range of disciplines. The diversity of practice on show is combined with a variety of methodologies.

Transcending is often a word used by artists of something that happens in the art-making process, it is related to inner experience which makes it a powerful contribution