The Speech of Elementals

James Horan | Denis Lynch

The Speech of Elementals is an exhibition brought to you virtually by local artist James Horan and Denis Lynch. 

The exhibition link will be available and posted at 2.30pm on the 7th of April. 

James Graduated from a Masters degree course in Asthetics and the History of Art at Crawford College of Art. Since leaving art school James has worked soley in stone, mainly limestone and marble, exhibiting regularly both in Ireland and internationally.

His work is based on people, society and our environment. Humour plays a large part in his work; both in the ideas and the physique of the figures to make light of more serious ideas. His sculptures are expressive, figurative and are recognisable by their over size hands and feet. A notable trait in James’ sculpture is the use of Marble(and other stone) in a very loose, sketch-like manner. James’ work is a physical representation of an emotional response.

Cork Born Denis Lynch attended Crawford College of Art & Design in 1980. He graduated in 1984 with a National Degree in Fine Art (Sculpture). 

After graduating, he travelled extensively around the world including Australia, South America, India/Nepal, Thailand, Africa, and Europe. Denis currently works at Crawford College of Art.

One of Denis’s strongest influences is the landscape, or more specifically the landscape as animate, sentient, as being aware. Anthropomorphism seems natural; how my ancestors saw divinity all about them, as close, palpable, terrifying and magnificent at one and not removed to a far off realm. Making a piece of sculpture is a further manifestation of this relationship, a statement of Denis’s fascination of elemental forces. Denis produces sculpture in various media including wood, stone, slate and metal.