Spatial | Mary Butler

3rd June - 15th July 2023
A new exhibition by artist Mary Butler: GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford from 3rd June to 15th July 2023.

Mary Butler’s current work includes assemblages, arrangements & sculptures. Her work is non-representational, focusing on colour, shape, texture, size and scale. Throughout her work she is experimenting with aleatoric processes, making spontaneous decisions and emphasising the conscious process of composition. Mary also focuses on the significance of the negative spaces, the breathing spaces between objects, and the impact of this on her structures and arrangements.  

Mary Butler is the Winner of the Solo Show 2022/2023 GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Award selected by Artforms Annual Exhibiton selection panel judges: Eamon Colman, Maurice Quillinan and Gabhann Dunne.