‘Pineapple Pieces’ is a solo exhibition of paintings by the artist Emmet Brickley.

Emmet Brickley weaves figures and environments together, reflecting an organised interplay of viewing, memory, and intuition. Ambiguity and fragmentation are strategies in his work, collapsing the distinction between landscape and figurative painting. The spatial layering of colour and nature abstracted are as relevant as the anonymous protagonists, leaving open-ended narratives in each painting. 

Reference imagery is often sourced using Google Street View or digital news outlets- a practice reflecting the manner in which the internet is altering our visual experience. The occurrence of events toils the otherwise mundane imagery as sociological themes merge with personal mythology, creating a distinct atmosphere throughout his work with the ambiguity of globalisation omnipresent. 

Brickley graduated with his BFA at the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, Ireland in 2016. His work has been acquired for public, private, and corporate collections. 

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