Ciara Rodgers, Folly | Façade, 

8th June – 13th July 2024 
Cities, understood and experienced as spaces that are made and remade
according to principles directed by capitalism, leave behind debris and
distortions, literally and metaphorically, which no longer fit the modus

Driven by a feeling of potential and liberation whilst walking alone in the
city, Rodgers viewpoint of a female urban wanderer, or flaneûse
contemplates the urban spectacle in all its contradictions, fluctuations
and fragilities. Her reflective material responses are shaped by personal
experiences and the self determination of Arte Povera and D.I.Y. Punk
music movements.
This exhibition prompts the viewer to consider texture, colour, structure,
openings and accidents in the city. Precarious, ephemeral pseudo-
architectural structures and drawings exist in a state of flux; bundled,
propped, and balanced, whilst Polaroids act as witness to moments of
discovery. Folly | Façade lays the foundation for a deeper academic
research project that will create new knowledge in the embodied
experience of public spaces and structures, reimagining ordinary
building blocks and rubble to construct alternative orders and meaning.

Curated by Aideen Quirke.