Breda Lynch  | Memento Mori’

Breda Lynch lives and works at Currabinny, County Cork. Her work is included in public and private collections in Ireland, including Waterford County Council and Limerick University.
She graduated from Crawford College of Art in 1979. Her work practice comprises drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation.

‘Memento Mori’: Reminder of our death. Using the body as a ‘site’ I have explored a variety of responses to this complex emotive issue. Autobiographical in nature, I examine the conflicting interplay between reality, subjectivity, and imagination in response to death. The pieces on show evoke ideas of fragility, decay, and mortality. Made from selected found-materials/objects/images – The process of construction, overlapping, layering, and de-construction, give rise to ambiguities, glimpses, fragmentary clues a way of putting shape on the incomprehensible. What is revealed is a dialogue with a creative process that allows ideas to stay in a state of flux, feeding one discovery or surprise into another. The process of searching allows the imagination to find the forms, and examine and control them in a battle of will over chance and accident. Several narratives are interwoven. Several meanings are suggested simultaneously preventing any one interpretation: meaning is only resolved by the viewer. The gallery-space offers a collecting point for this laboratory of ideas – a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ – a poetic, response to the anxiety of heart, soul, and mind in, the face of loss.