Úna Walsh

Originally from Limerick, Úna Walsh moved to Waterford in 1999. Úna is a practising art therapist and is a studio artist in GOMA Gallery of Modern Art in Waterford. In 2008 she achieved a BA in Art in Society from WIT and in 2015 she qualified as an Art Therapist with 1st class honours from CIT. Úna is also a visiting tutor on the MA Art Therapy course in CIT. Over the years her connection to Waterford and the county’s beautiful coastline has taken on a type of resonance that ripples through Úna’s art making and her relationship with the creative.

Úna describes her approach to art making as organically alchemical. Her entry into the creative realm is in collaboration with spontaneity propelled by sense, sensation and intuition. In an attitude of unencumbered experimentation, the artist gathers her materials or perhaps begins a drawing with an energetic scribble. The collaboration becomes fully realised through a continuous refinement of artistic choices and applications wherein the contents of the image is finally revealed.