Rhys Wallace

Rhys Wallace (They/Them) is a 23 year old Visual Artist currently living and working in Ireland. A recent graduate from South East Technological University, Rhys creates performance and film work within the spheres of gender, sex, presentation and identity; specifically within the constraints and context of societal and historical expectations.

Their work, which primarily is done through performance and video work with elements of traditional collage transformed through digital elements, seeks to investigate and interrogate the complex and often times confusing experience of gender within the constraints of contemporary western society as well as the historical inheritances given to us. It is also informed by gender, future-filled dread, space and presence in the rapidly shifting physical and digital landscape and essentially creating a vignette into the life of a 21st century person who exists outside all expectations of society and the binaries we exist in.

They often present ‘Rhys’ as the subject, a non-binary queer individual; embodying the duality of both creator and subject within the work. They find inspiration from the early experimental age of film, the entrancing visuals and colours of the psychedelic era and the early 2000’s golden internet age, combining sounds and visuals within their film work to create large scale installation works in which a confusing but refined environment is presented, to invite a viewer into a space where they are welcome to question and consider what many consider foundational elements of society.