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In WaterFord CIty

"GOMA is dedicated to innovation, through the collection and interpretation of modern and contemporary art and through the use of educational initiatives and collaborations. In time, the foundation aims to engage both local and national audiences. Our mission is to foster within society an awareness, understanding and involvement in the visual arts through policies and programmes which are excellent, innovative and inclusive"

– Jenna Whelan, Director & Curator


Folly | Façade - Ciara Rodgers

8th June – 13th July 2024
GOMA presents Folly | Façade, an exhibition by visual artist Ciara Rodgers. 
Official Opening on Saturday the 8th of June at 4pm. 

Guest speaker Aideen Quirke.
Cities, understood and experienced as spaces that are made and remade according to principles directed by capitalism, leave behind debris and distortions, literally and metaphorically, which no longer fit the modus operandi. 
Driven by a feeling of potential and liberation whilst walking alone in the city, Rodgers’ viewpoint of a female urban wanderer, or flaneûse contemplates the urban spectacle in all its contradictions, fluctuations and fragilities. Her reflective material responses are shaped by personal experiences and the self determination of Arte Povera and D.I.Y. Punk music movements.
This exhibition prompts the viewer to consider texture, colour, structure, openings and accidents in the city. Precarious, ephemeral pseudo-architectural structures and drawings exist in a state of flux; bundled, propped, and balanced, whilst Polaroids act as witness to moments of discovery. Folly | Façade lays the foundation for a deeper academic research project that will create new knowledge in the embodied experience of public spaces and structures, reimagining ordinary building blocks and rubble to construct alternative orders and meaning.
Curated by Aideen Quirke.

upcoming exhibition

IDLE WALLS | Bryan Gerard Duffy

20th July – 31st  August

GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford.

Idle Walls is a layered story of displacement and the unseen lines of connection between the Irish horticultural industry and the colonial resource exploitation of the occupied territories of Western Sahara. Custom made active walls will replace the gallery walls to display a series of paintings that were inspired by a “Jaima”, the traditional tent of the nomadic Sahrawi people. These active walls are incomplete, exposed, moveable and evolving. You are invited to manoeuvre these active walls around the spaces, becoming an active curator. My imagined pen pal, Aria, is a Sahrawi teacher who frequently wrote to me updating me on life in the Tindouf refugee camps, Algeria, her home in exile. Aria and I played and studied chess as a means of passing the time, and the recorded moves became a starting point for my paintings. The Sahrawi’s speak of being used as pawns in the West’s sinister game of chess; where chess is a metaphor for war. This work is a conversation on the societal challenges of retaining one’s identity in the face of adversity. My paintings not only suggest a battle between the concept and the process in painting, but also between the artist and the audience.

Curated by Jenna Whelan


A Purposeful Drift Through the City with Ciara Rodgers

Saturday June 22nd 2024

12 participants max.
Booking Link: http://tiny.cc/workshopCiaraRodgers
Materials will be provided.

Visual artist Ciara Rodgers invites you to also embody the more sensory based aspects of city streets through writing and drawing actions. Ciara will first introduce ideas and the role that psychogeography plays in her practice. Psychogeography describes the effect of a geographical location on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. With special attention to architecture and shared public spaces, through a series of short urban walks and sketchbook exercises, participants will experience the city as artist cartographers.